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The landscape

The landscape of the North Yorkshire Moors is quite spectacular being heather moorland populated with sheep and grouse, interspersed with dales or valleys which are farmed to create patchwork quilts of small fields surrounded by dry stone walls. Click on this section to learn more about the wild flower meadows and new woodland areas which have been planted as well as the old meadows and wet land areas

The landscape of the North Yorkshire Moors is quite spectacular.

The landscape of the North Yorkshire Moors is quite spectacular.

Opportunities to get up close and greet our farm animals.

Farming today

Early maps call it Foul Green and it is not clear if this refers to foul smelling, because it lies near the beck or if fowl meaning poultry was spelled that way. However, history tells us that there was a bleach mill close by the farm and one of the processes in the production of linen was "fouling" or "fulling". Whatever the reason, Fowl Green is most appropriate today since the green areas are much populated by fowl who wander everywhere, even into the cottages if you let them.

A pathway leading into our secluded woodland, providing access for all.

Local flora and fauna

We excluded the moor sheep from the wood and were delighted to discover a whole new range of wild flowers, including quite rare and beautiful ones including lesser spotted orchids. Botanists will want to come and see for themselves, particularly in the spring and summer months. In addition, 7 acres of wildflower meadows have been planted and approximately 15 acres of wetlands are being managed and conserved.

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